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What Are Some Unique Engagement Gift Ideas That Add a Special Touch To The Celebration?

What Are Some Unique Engagement Gift Ideas That Add a Special Touch To The Celebration?

A relationship goes through various phases, and the time between engagement and wedding is perhaps one of the most beautiful ones. It marks the beginning of the marriage, and the time is filled with anticipation, excitement, and happiness. 

Giving the couple an engagement gift is an excellent way of showing love and support for them. However, choosing engagement gifts for a couple can be tricky. Every couple has a different story, and their gift should be given according to that. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your gift reminded them of beautiful memories? Let’s explore some amazing engagement present ideas to add a special touch. You can choose unique, classic, or traditional gifts for them. 

At Giftolicious, we have created a collection of unique engagement gifts for couples. Our goal is to help you find the perfect gift for an Australian Wedding. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pieces that you can give as a present to couples embarking on a new phase of their lives.

Champagne Glasses 

Since engagement is a time for celebration, what better gift than exclusive champagne glasses? This way, they will cherish the gift and always remember you whenever they bring out the glasses for other celebratory times in their lives. 

Our ‘Mad Dots Anniversary Champagne Glass Flutes’ are perfect for this occasion. You can gift them on the engagement, and they can use these glasses on many anniversaries in the future.  

Wedding Album

A wedding album is something that is special to every couple, as it holds precious memories of the wedding day. You can gift them a keepsake by gifting a wedding album and adding the couple's names along with the engagement and wedding dates from your end; just an idea. 

To make it even more special, you can include a memorable photo of the couple and leave plenty of room for the wedding pictures as well. Photos are preserved and looked at for years to come, and this will be a beautiful reminder for them. Our ‘Mr & Mrs Photo Album Wedding’ is perfect if you are looking for unique engagement gifts. 

Wedding Cosmetic Bag

There are few things a woman loves more than her trusted cosmetics to take care of her beauty needs. If you have been looking for engagement present ideas for wife, look no further! 

A large cosmetics bag is a perfect gift in itself, but do you know what would make it even better? You can add some of the favorite cosmetics of the bride to be. 

Jewellery/Trinket Box

This is another engagement present idea for the wife-to-be. Jewellery boxes are a great addition to the dressing room or bedroom, wherever you prefer to put them. You can gift them on engagement, and the bride will be able to use them for a long time. 

Our Wedding Carriage Trinket Box has a traditional look. It is made in the shape of a wedding carriage, giving off oldie vibes. It can even be used as a decorative piece in the living room! This engagement gift can be a beautiful addition to the new couple's home.

Wedding Planner 

What comes after the engagement? The Wedding! However, no matter how excited the couple is to get married, wedding planning can be a pain. So make sure you are contributing, even in small ways. You can choose to gift our specially designed Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Planner

It is elegant enough to look like a part of the wedding preparations and sturdy enough to survive the long months of planning. So go ahead and use this as an engagement gift for the couple while also taking some load off their plate. 

Photo Frames 

Photographs capture perfect moments that you can visit over and over again whenever you feel like it. Perhaps that is the allure of this particular gift. A frame that holds the cherished memories of the past. 

We wanted to create a wedding-themed photo frame, and the result was the ‘Diamond Silver Carriage Frame Wedding.’ Shaped like a wedding carriage, it is perfect for holding pictures of the couple. Due to its shape, it is one of our most unique engagement gifts.

Wedding Themed Homewares

Home decor is another very popular engagement gift for couples. Plate sets, for instance, are something that the couple can use in their shared home. 

Our ‘Wedding Always Trinket Plate’ is engraved with phrases like ‘You will forever be my Always’. How cute is that? Imagine waking up and seeing that first thing before breakfast.

Funky Wedding Gift ideas

We love a couple who can appreciate a joke. There are plenty of options to add a humorous touch to your engagement present ideas. You can gift something that reminds the couple of an amusing moment, or you can check out some funky gifts  like our ‘Funny Frog Bride & Groom Wedding’. This is a fun and quirky wedding statue that will bring a smile to the onlookers every time they glance at it.

Gifts for At Home Date Nights

Once a couple is engaged, there are plenty of date nights to be expected, and this carries on after the wedding as well. However, due to busy schedules, some couples might prefer to have date nights at home. What better way to make a setting romantic than candles? 

You can gift assorted candles from our collection for those special dates! The aromas are so good that you feel transported to other worlds while in the comfort of your home. You can even add candle holders in the mix to give it some extra touch. 


The first thing you need to keep in mind while finding engagement gifts for couples is to consider the couple's interests, preferences, and the significance of this occasion to them. If you have known them long enough, you can surely get an idea about what they would or would not like. 

In case you are not as close to the couple, you can always go with classic traditional gifts with a modern twist. Whatever you choose in the end, the gesture of love, support, and congratulations will be appreciated. 

Try not to overthink about unique engagement gifts, just gift something that the couple can cherish. If you feel you have too many thoughts running around in your head or no idea at all, either way, you can definitely get the required help at Giftolicious Pty Ltd. We have created gift options that are appropriate for couples and add a special touch on their special days. 

Whether you are looking for sophisticated gifts or you want to add some humor, we have them all! We want to ensure that the engagement is memorable and that the gifts are meaningful to them—something that will remind them of this day with love and happiness. In the end, it is the thought and effort you put into choosing the engagement gift that matters. 

You have the online shopping option, or you can visit us at the store. We are happy to help either way. The store is open every day of the week; however, the opening hours differ according to the day. The specific opening hours are mentioned on the website, and you can check before you make a visit.  

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